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We provide you with an advanced user shop ideally for needs of more than 250 products, ideal for establishing a long-term presence in the world of e-commerce.

A large number of themes and designs are possible. After customization to your colors by us, and the integration of a few categories and products, you can continue setting up your products. Distance learning is planned to help you understand the mechanism so that you can integrate as many articles as you want yourself.

Technical Data

The WooCommerce e-commerce store rental offer includes
- design adaptation and integration of personalization elements.
- the priming of the shop by creating the menu with the insertion of a first product per category.
- the opening of the legal pages which will have to be completed (mentions, general conditions of sale, confidentiality cookies).
- the domain name (eg mycompany.fr) or subdomain for installation on an existing domain.
- server hosting on storage space of the volume of the store and the number of pages requested.
- training in the tool for using updates to your content (you modify, delete and integrate your new products and categories, images, texts, etc.)
- server and service security maintenance.
- the first lump sum payment + the first monthly payment
The mini boutique light rental offer does not include
- the creation of additional pages (you can add as many as you want, at no cost)
- the integration of your products beyond 1 per category (you will be able to implement your products yourself after training)
- additional specific forms (quote, appointment, etc.)

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